Kids Pop Star Party – Important Information

The kid’s pop star party consists of 1 hour in the recording studio and a 1 hour disco. The total party time will always equate to 2 hours however the recording studio time may be a little shorter depending how many groups there are and how the kids are feeling in the studio. For example if there are only 2 groups and the kids have been well organised we may have the recording studio part done and dusted in 40 minutes. If this is the case then more time will be added onto the disco part. The recording studio is always the first section the kids will do at the party.

Minimum Age
The minimum age for a kid’s pop star party is a 7th Birthday therefore no one under 6 years old will be permitted into the recording studio. However kid’s under 6 years old are allowed in the disco area.
You can invite up to 30 children.
30 is the maximum amount of children we expect to see in the venue on the day therefore no extra siblings or little ones running around alongside the 30 kids we already have.
You need to choose 3 songs you would like to record in the studio and we will provide the backing tracks for the kids to sing over.
We need the names of the 3 songs as soon as possible, because although 99% of the time we can get the backing tracks for the songs there may be times when we can’t source them and therefore you will need time to choose another.
The recording studio can handle up to 10 kids at one time.
So for example if you were to invite 20 children then they would need to go into the studio in groups of 10. If you have 11 kids coming to the party then this will need to be a group of 5 & 6 and so on.
If you have more than 10 kids attending then whilst one group is in the recording studio the others will be able to enjoy the disco on a low volume as not to disturb the recording studio next door.
Each child will receive a personalised CD of their recording as a memento of their pop star moment!
We will need to know the final numbers no later than 5 days before the party. Once we receive the final number of kids attending then we will design and print all the CD labels in advance of the party starting. This ensures we have all the CD’s ready by the end of the party so all the kids get to take their CD home with them.
10 CD’s are included in the price, 50p per CD thereafter.
So for example if you have 17 kids coming to the party, you will owe a further £3.50 for the extra CD’s payable in cash on the day. If you request 17 CD’s and only 14 kids show up on the day you will still owe for the extra 7 CD’s you originally requested on top of the 10 included in the price.
The DJ will play a range of current and popular music with a few requests thrown in there. There will be a variety of lighting, a haze machine and a 150 inch HD projection screen playing music and dance along videos.
The DJ can also play party games if requested. If you would like the DJ to play any party games with the kids such as best dancer etc then please bring with you a handful of little prizes to hand out to the winners. This stops the kids throwing a massive wobbler when they win and get nothing!
• You can load food, decorations etc. into the venue no earlier than 15 minutes before your allocated start time
• Bring lyric sheets if you think the kids may not know the words to the songs in the studio. We have WiFi available should you wish to use phones or tablets to load the lyrics up on google.
• Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate is available from our vending machine @ 40p each should any adults need a hot drink
• Please do not place chairs, tables or anything else directly in front of the vending machines
• If any damage is caused to any of the studio equipment, venue or parts of then this will be charged directly to you
• All rubbish must be taken with you

Kids Pop Star Parties are Non Refundable


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